Meet out team lead - Alan Barber

Alan spent 20 years in professional client service firms in South Africa, the United States and Canada. He holds a CPA CA designation with a finance and auditing background. His combination of finance skills, ability to review the intricacies of legal documents, love for real estate and his clients means he pays attention to every detail. Not only are your offer documents watertight but your home search will check all the boxes as well.

Having relocated internationally three times himself, Alan also leads our relocation team focusing on Executive Relocations, Lease B4 Landing program and finally, helping them establish their credit profiles and working with our team of legal and mortgage experts to purchase their first Canadian home.

As a team we specialize in investments in the vibrant downtown Toronto condo market as well as family residences in Burlington & Oakville. Outside of these areas we will work with your family in any Greater Toronto Area of your choice.

Alan Barber